Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mysterious texts, T.B., and Spring! (ADD #33)

Hi Guys,
Oh my gosh, I feel like an idiot. I was sitting at lunch tody and I got a text from what I thought was my friend Brie because she said that her name was Brie. I just got a new phone so I don't have any numbers. Anyways, I just talked to her like she was my friend and then she found out that I want who she thought I was. So she called me a mean name and I blocked the number. Yeesh. Some people! 

Anyways, My friend T.B. is sad because she hasn't been mentioned on here before so, T.B., consider this a shoutout. And for all of you that are wondering what T.B. stands for, well, that's for another time. I'm on the bus right now and I am hating every single second of it. Who knew that there could be so much bad stuff on a school bus. I hit my ear on a pole today. Yep. I'm a clutz. 

Well, talk to you later!
<3/ Audrey

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