Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Audrey's Daily Drama #6: Tuesday 4/30/2013

Hi guys!
I just painted my nails so I am trying to type with wet nails and it is HARD! Today was extremely boring, as usual. In English we played a board game and it was so fun! I ended up being a mime for most of the game so that was, interesting. I just had a fabulous idea on what to write but then I forgot it. Don't you just hate when those fabulous ideas just slip away and there's not even any hope of them ever returning to your mind. That happens all the time to me!

Today I also updated my style page so go check that out and I do have to say, its pretty epic. Other than what my friends say, I have no idea of what anyone thinks of my posts so if you could leave a comment and tell me the honest and good truth I would really appreciate that. I was reading my posts from like two weeks ago and I laughed. I was so exited to have 274 page views and now I have almost 800!! That is absolutely INSANE and my mom is kind of worried that so many people in the world now know who I am.

Well it's getting late so I better wrap up this post. Hope you enjoyed it and I'll talk to you later.

Audrey <3

Sunday, April 28, 2013

New Book Review!!!

Hey Guys!

I just posted a new book review on my book review page so be sure to go check it out. I reviewed and rated Pretties by Scott Westerfield and it was a fabulous book and I highly recommend reading it if you haven't already.
Audrey <3

Play my Music Tag

Hi Guys!
Today I'm going to do a tag that I created. At the end I will mention the websites that I tag to do this post. Hope you enjoy it!

  1. What would you consider to be your main instrument? Piano. My family has a Boston Grand and  I have a Yamaha CLP-430 Clavinova right outside of my bedroom. 
  2. How many instruments do you play? I play a little violin, a little cello, guitar, piano, voice, electric guitar, a little flute, and I also mix music on the computer if that counts. Overall, I play 8.
  3. How long have you played your main instrument? I have played the piano for 9.5 years
  4. Have you ever been in a music class at school? Yes. In fifth grade I played the violin, in sixth      grade I played cello, and next year I am singing in the school choir.
  5. What is your favorite genre of music to play? I HATE playing classical music especially on the piano so I  do a lot of piano covers for popular music.
  6. Who is your favorite classical composer? I don't like classical but my favorite romantic composer is a tie between Schumann and Chopin (pronounced Show-Pan. Pet peeve- in fifth grade my music teacher pronounced it chop-in and I corrected her. She got mad, said she was right, and got me in trouble. People who pronounce it wrong bug me so bad!!!!
  7. What is your favorite modern band/music artist? Tie between Imagine Dragons and The Beetles. I listen to all kinds of music but these guys have truly mastered music in my opinion.
  8.  Where would you be in your life if music wasn't a part of you? I literally would not be anywhere. Music is such a big part of me and I honestly can't imagine living without it.
  9. Who has been the biggest influence in your musical life/ career? Definitely my mom. When I was a baby she used to, and still does, sing everything. She also composes piano music that inspires me and my band to keep working on it. 
  10. 10. Are you in a band? If so, what is it called and how many people are in it? What position are you? Yes I am in a band. We call ourselves STARLIGHT and I bounce back from keyboard vocalist, and guitar vocalist.
I hope you guys liked this Tag that I created! I tag Jackie Taylor (tennisshoesandpromdresses.wordpress.com), and  Jane Ivy (joyhappinessandfun.wordpress.com). I also tag everyone who is reading this so leave me a comment and I will go check your's out!

 Audrey <3

Friday, April 26, 2013

Audrey's Daily Drama #5: Friday 4/26/2013

Hi Guys!
I just realized that I haven't done an Audrey's Daily Drama in like a week! Sorry for the holdup but I have been so super busy with school, tennis and various other things. I did manage to put up some other stuff on my other pages. I'll probably be doing a book review tomorrow so watch out for it!

Last night my mom left for her annual "weekend retreat" and us kids are stuck home with dad all weekend. Dad packed my lunch this morning and everyone at my lunch table watched intently as I opened the spider man, yes spider man, lunchbox. Dad did a pretty good job except he forgot I can't eat nuts because of my braces. He accidentally put nuts in my little brother's lunch too and he's severely allergic to them.

We had a sub in advanced  math again. My teacher has been gone for two days and we've had literally the worst subs possible. Today's sub was better than yesterday's though I think that our entire class of nerds was beginning to scare her. We finished our assignment early so a bunch us started humming a harmonized version of carol of the bells. Ahhh, the joys of math class!

My friend Emilee's birthday is tomorrow and we are going bowling for her party. I would post what I got her except she follows this blog intensely so that will have to wait for later. She told me that they even found a gluten free cake mix to accommodate my allergies so I'm pretty excited about that. No mix compares to my mom's cake recipe though. I am in the process of asking her if I can put it on this blog, but it's a family recipe so no promises.

I had an anxiety attack today. For me, I just get so anxious that my body can't function any more so it partially shuts down and I black out for a second. Don't worry, I won't die anytime soon; the doctor said that it's not dangerous as long as I take a pill. I absolutely hate taking pills especially with braces. The dentist put a bracket thingy on the top of my mouth, cutting my tongue space in half.

I just realized that I began blabbering again. I always do that: jabber on and on and on, especially when nobody's there to stop me! I'll try to come up with something interesting besides my boring braces problem. This is going to be a rather long Daily Drama post. At school, everyone always teases me for saying rather and very much so. I don't know, I guess it's just habit. Does anybody else reading this say rather or very much so? If you do, please comment so that I know I'm not alone.

Its getting late so I probably better wrap this post up soon. Keep an eye out for more stuff on my other pages!

Audrey <3

Monday, April 22, 2013


Hi Guys!
As you may have, or may not have, noticed, there is a few new link sat the top of this page. The first one says "Undercover". It is a novella that I am writing and I will be updating it about once a week. If you read it and like it, please leave me a comment. I love constructive criticism and I think that it helps me grow and become a better writer.

The second one is called my secret weapons. On this page, I will share all my advice on life, being an artist, and surviving life outside of school. Hope you enjoy these pages!

Audrey <3

Shopping Like an Expert

Hi Guys!
I meant to post this yesterday but I got home really late so I didn't have time. A couple of days ago, I went to the mall with some of my best friends and it was so fun! Shopping can either be a lot of fun or it can be a total nightmare depending on how well you are prepared. Here are some tips that I use when I go shopping. Hope you enjoy it!

  • Find out what colors suit you best before you go. Take a minute and stand next to a color wheel. Okay, so recently, my mom has been really freaking out because she is having doubts on which colors go best with her skin-tone.  Literally everywhere we go, she always has a color wheel in her purse so she can compare colors when she has a spare minute. I'm not saying that you have to take it to this extreme but it is wise to know what colors to look for when you go shopping. It will save you a lot of time.
  • Find out your exact dress size and your exact shoe size. Also, find out which company's tend to make things smaller than standard size or larger than standard size. It seems like whenever I walk into a shoe store, I am overwhelmed because I have to buy some shoes a size bigger than others. Your shoe size also depends on which type of shoes you are looking for. Here is a list of how to tell what size you need in different shoes. 
      • Flats/ Sandals- Get flats and sandals in as close to your shoe size as possible. I have really narrow feet so if my flats are even just a little bit too big, they slide off and drive me crazy.
      • Heels- Buy heels a little smaller than your shoe size. Your heels will stay on much better and not slip off as easily. *My secret tip for breaking in a new pair of heels is to put a band-aid wherever you think that the shoes will rub. It will save a lot of pain and blisters in the long run.*
      • Sneakers- I like to get sneakers about 1/2 size bigger than my feet. I think that they breathe better when they are just a bit bigger and at the end of the day, you don't end up with stinky feet
  • Go Shopping often and when you go, only get what you really love. This tip will help you keep your wardrobe up to date with the latest fashions, but It will also save you your budget. Most of the time that I go shopping, I only pick up a couple things and other times I don't find anything at all which is totally fine. 
  • Keep an open mind. Some items look absolutely hideous while on the hanger but when you try it on, it fits fabulously! Keeping an open mind is what brings all the fun into shopping. We need to try new styles, new patterns, and new colors in order to truly have fun while shopping. Who knows; maybe you could start a new trend!
  • Go with friends. Have a girls day out and hit the mall! Your friends can have a great impact on whether you choose to buy something or not. You may love them for pressuring you to get that top, or you may hate them for pressuring you to get those really ugly shorts.
  • Buy off season items. I have found that the best time to get a winter coat is in the spring. You can get fabulous deals while the item is going out of season and even if you don't end up wearing it that year, save it until winter rolls around  again. *Target sells flip flops at a FANTASTIC price in October. Although, last time I went, they only had yellow in stock so now I have seven pairs of yellow flip flops burning a hole in my closet.*
  • Assess your closet. See what you already have so that you don't end up buying that skirt that you have nothing to wear it with. I personally like to take pictures on my phone of items in my wardrobe that don't have really anything that matches with it so that you can keep your eyes open while browsing the racks in the store.
So these are all of my shopping tips. I hope you enjoyed it and I'll talk to you later!

Audrey <3

Friday, April 19, 2013

Audrey's Daily Drama #4: Friday 4/19/2013

Hi Guys!
I stayed home sick today so I don't really have much school drama to talk about. As you may notice, the look of my blog has entirely changed! I personally like how fun and lively it is but if you have any suggestions, be sure to leave me a comment. Since I am a teenager, the background and theme will probably be changing a lot!

I also created a new page. It is called "My Style" and I will just post pictures of trends that I'm excited for, outfit inspiration, and stuff like that. Considering all of that, Yesterday I created a Polyvore account! Polyvore is this really cool website where you can create outfit ideas digitally and share them on the internet. My username is audreyryan so if you want to follow me, please do! 

I hope you enjoyed this quick little post. Be sure to follow me on Polyvore (audreyryan) and Pinterest (Audrey Ryan). Until next time, TTYL!

Audrey <3

Thursday, April 18, 2013

How to Get the Most out of Your Sick Day!

Hi guys!
So, I came home from school sick today; runny nose, cough, sore throat, the works. I went to school up until lunch because I had to stay for the Advanced Math program at my school. We can only miss 3 days a term so it was important that I went. When I got home, I thought that it might be kind of fun to give some friendly advice on how you can still have an amazing day even when your sick.

So when my mom brought me home, the first thing that I reached for was my homemade hot cocoa mix. I think that it is really nice to have something hot to drink when you're sick such as tea, hot cocoa or coffee. Here's my recipe for the perfect mug of cocoa:
2 cups milk *You can use any kind you prefer. Since I am lactose intolerant, I like to use 1 cup of rice milk and 1 cup of coconut milk.*
2 Tablespoons cocoa
2 Tablespoons sugar (If you are on a diet, replace sugar with another sweetener)
1 teaspoon vanilla
*If you use low fat or dairy free milk, I recommend adding 1/2 teaspoon of corn starch or other thickening agent to make the hot cocoa creamier*

Put all ingredients in a mason jar and put in the microwave for 1 minute 30 seconds
Once heated to preferred temperature, put the lid on the mason jar and shake!
I put my cocoa in a thermos, grabbed an entire bag of honeydew cough drops, and headed downstairs. Home from school, no siblings around to bug me, the chick flicks are calling me!! I watched the newest version of Pride and Prejudice and it was fabulous! It is seriously one of my all time favorite movies and a classic chick flick. If chick flicks aren't your thing Disney movies are perfect for a sick day. They're easy to watch and so fun!

Now if Movies aren't your thing, you can always whip out the books when you're sick.  Next to my bed, I have a whole stack of action packed novels and here are some of my favorites:
  • The Secret Order of the Gumm Street Girls by Elise Primavera
  • The Candy Shop War by Brandon Mull
  • Fairest by Gail Carson Levine
  • Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
  • The Princess Plot by Kirsten Boie
  • Fablehaven by Brandon Mull
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid #6 Cabin Fever by Jeff Kinney 
These are all awesome picks for a reader looking for a good book to read on a sick day.

Okay, prepare yourself. I am about to say something quite bazaar. When I am sick, I love to color! Well, maybe not color exactly but overall, create something. One of my favorite classes in school is art class and so while I was watching my movie, I also worked on a project that we had to do. Coloring is actually quite soothing and it can calm nerves and lessen a headache which is great especially when you're sick.

So that's about it for my advice on getting the most out of your sick day. I really hope you enjoyed this post and be sure to +1 me on Google+ @Audrey Ryan.
Audrey <3

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

50 Random Facts About Me!!

Hi Guys!
I didn't feel like doing an Audrey's Daily Drama today so I am going to do this tag that has been going around. Sadly, the title is a little bit misleading. I could only come up with 34 things to put on this list so I'm not quite at fifty yet. So basically, this is a list of 34 of the most random things that I can think of about me, Audrey Ryan!
Hope you enjoy!!

  1.  Roses make me sneeze
  2. I am terrified of clowns
  3. When I'm texting my friends I get carried away with emoticons, parenthesis, and acronyms
  4. My favorite number is 27
  5. i dont have aspecific favorite band. some of my favorites are imagine dragons, the beetles, adele etc.
  6. My favorite T.V. show is NOVA on discovery channal
  7. I have never seen a PG13 movie
  8. I love the smell of the mountains after it has rained
  9. I have never broken a bone
  10. Last year, I sprained my eyebrow (if that's possible.... it was really weird)
  11. I have only gotten straight A's once and on average I am a B student
  12. I am really bad at spelling but somehow I managed to win the class spelling bee in 5th grade. My teacher gave me such easy words it was awesome!
  13. Ever since I was little, I have been strangely fascinated by ceiling fans. I can just lay on my bed for hours watching it spin.
  14. Science is my best subject although it has never really been my favorite subject. I personally prefer Art class.
  15. I can't stand holding still, I always have to be moving. It drives other people crazy but hey, I can't help it! 
  16. I have secretly always wanted to learn ballet (shhh don't tell!)
  17. I own the entire Nancy Drew series
  18. I can't swim
  19. I have never slept with a teddy bear, even when I was little
  20. I do not see acting as a future career choice for me. I freeze so bad in front of a camera.
  21. I am an honors student
  22. I don't wear skirts or dresses a lot and whenever I do, my friends are shocked 
  23. I know how to knit but I don't like to (don't tell anyone about this either)
  24. I never want to own an E-Reader device. I like to see exactly how many pages left to read instead of just looking at percentages
  25. Biggest Pet Peeve, when people confuse affect with effect
  26. My room is never EVER clean
  27. I love it when it rains
  28. Spring is my favorite season
  29. I am allergic to bananas
  30. I hate handwriting that I can't read
  31. I learned how to read before I started Preschool
  32. I find daises a very boring flower
  33. I am allergic to dairy
  34. I play tennis and am super athletic but nobody knows because I am too shy to try out for any school teams.
Audrey <3

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New Book Review!!

Hey Guys!
I just posted a new book review on my book review page so be sure to go check it out. I reviewed and rated Uglies by Scott Westerfield and it was a fabulous book and I highly recommend reading it if you haven't already.
Audrey <3

Audrey's Daily Drama #3: Tuesday 4/16/2013

1:14 PM
Hi Guys!
I am in technology class right now and I am listening to Imagine Dragons on Pandora internet radio. At school they block so many websites but I am glad that they left this one open. I am technically supposed to be working on a computer exploration assignment right now but I think that I will do that tomorrow.

When I get home from school I am going to tennis lessons and then I will probobly do homework. Today has been so strangely boring and no drama whatsoever.

I'll probably be updating this post later but until then, TTYL!

Audrey <3

5:55 PM
Hi Guys!
After school I went to tennis and it was so fun!! My homework is now done and right now I'm feeling alone while sitting on my bed writing on my blog. I was checking out the stats of this site and I already have 234 page views today which is absolutely awesome. Some of the more popular bloggers are laughing that I'm excited at 234 when they get thousands. Hopefully, in time I will build up a reputation and easily get new readers on my, strange, blog.

In a half an hour I am going to babysit a bunch of kids and it should be interesting. I found out how to do the coolest thing today!! I plugged my IPod into my big guitar amp and now my music is blaring throughout my room and it is pretty sweet. I might update later but I don't think so. Talk to you guys later!!!

Audrey <3

Audrey's Daily Drama #2: Monday 4/15/2013

Hi Guys!
So another birthday come and gone and I seriously think that I'm cursed. April 15th is probably the worst day in history to be born on and with what happened in Boston today, I'm sure that something strange will happen in the near future. So, being fourteen is not a lot different than being thirteen. I got an electric guitar for my birthday and it is seriously so awesome! I can now officially call myself a music geek!

Honestly, I have never been a huge fan of my birthday. This is the first time in like FIVE YEARS that the big day has been on a school day. Since my birthday is in like the middle of April, it usually falls onto spring break which is fabulous in my favor! My best friends have a tenancy to embarrass me on my birthday even if it's not on a school day.

My uncle's wedding was on Saturday and it was really fun. After the ceremony we went out to a luncheon at the oldest running restaurant in the state! The food there was seriously amazing and the service was fantastic. They were able to accommodate my food allergies no problem so if you're ever in town, go to the Bluebird.

Today's school day was pretty normal. In English we got a new seating arrangement that made me laugh. Two words to describe English class: Extremely Awkward. Overall, my birthday was normal, the wedding was fun, and I'm still sitting here across from my mirror realizing how frizzy my hair is.

Until next time,

~Audrey <3