Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How to Entertain Oneself

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I was browsing pinterest the other day and this particular pin caught my attention. I have always struggled with boredom and this list is full of fantastic ideas to escape your bored trance. The origonal article is from but I will post the list here. Hope you enjoy!!!

Staying at home can be fun even if you're not a homebody. And staying home has its perks. Not only can you get a lot done, you will also be able to save money since home entertainment is mostly free. Here are some ideas to while away your time in your humble abode:
  1. Watch cute animal YouTube videos. 
  2. Tackle your garden and grow your own greens.
  3. Clean your home, and you'll feel a lot better coming home to it.
  4. If you have an instrument, then take it out and play it.
  5. Watch old DVDs around the home.
  6. Work out to an exercise DVD if you have one.
  7. Do a newspaper crossword puzzle.
  8. Reread old favorites. 
  9. Organize your room, and make it look fresh by moving furniture around. 
  10. Webcam with someone far away. 
  11. Catch up on recorded shows.
  12. Shop your pantry, and create a meal from your leftovers.
  13. Upcycle something you're about to throw away into something new and beautiful. 
  14. Shop your closet and create new outfits from clothing you've forgotten.
  15. Put a puzzle together. 
Read on for more.

  1. Watch the sunset from your window. 
  2. Paint a portrait or a scene.
  3. Create a collage from your photos.
  4. Make a shadow box from your souvenirs. 
  5. Start an Instagram account for your pet.
  6. Create a blog on a topic you're passionate about.
  7. Catch up on the latest news.
  8. Give yourself a manicure and pedicure. Try out some cool nail art.
  9. Write a letter (remember those?) to someone you miss.
  10. Create a playlist of your favorite songs.
  11. Run a bubble bath.
  12. Experiment with a new hair or makeup style.
  13. Learn how to code.
  14. Brush up on or learn a foreign language.
  15. Plan your next trip. 
  16. Create a bucket list. 
  17. Make your own natural cleaning products from household items. 
  18. Watch a TED Talk.
  19. Listen to a podcast. 
  20. Make s'mores. 
  21. Write in your journal.
  22. Find lots of great ideas and projects to do on Pinterest
  23. Write thank-you cards.
  24. Try to replicate a restaurant recipe.
  25. Give yourself a facial.
  26. Write a poem.
  27. Review restaurants on Yelp.
  28. Review books on GoodReads or Amazon.
  29. Photoshop your photos. 
  30. Dry flowers to make potpourri
  31. Figure out if you can turn your hobby into a money-maker
  32. Research your ancestry online.
  33. Create an online photo gallery to send to loved ones who are far away. 
  34. Invite friends to play board games. 
  35. Learn how to quilt.
  36. Write the next great American novel. 
  37. Surf Reddit
  38. Check out answers to your burning questions on Quora.
  39. Create a time capsule
  40. Turn your favorite Instagram photos into canvas prints
  41. Sharpie a design onto a mug. 
  42. Organize a book-club meeting to talk about your favorite books.
  43. Use the downtime today to explore the apps world, and take advantage of all the free apps available.
  44. Look at different recipes online, and bookmark your favorites.
  45. Make this rum spice aftershave for him. 
  46. Spray-paint old jars to turn them into chic containers to decorate your home with. 
  47. Sort items to give away to friends. 
  48. Mix some cocktails to try. 
  49. Bake cookies. 
  50. Attempt to make a cronut
  51. Play a favorite video game.
  52. Listen to the radio and croon along.
  53. Meditate. 

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