Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Nail Polish Review: Sinful Colors Professional in Mint Apple and Frenzy

sinful colors -mint apple 

Hi Guys!
So recently my friends dragged me to get my nails done professionally because I had never done it before. (Gasp!) So we went to the local beauty school where they do it for super cheap but they had no spots open for like an entire week! Plan #2. We went to our local Walgreens and picked up supplies to do it ourselves.

I got two polishes: Sinful Colors Professional in Mint Apple (top) and Frenzy. (bottom) I chose the this brand because it was only two dollars a bottle which is an AMAZING price for nail polish these days! So far, I have been absolutely loving both of these. Frenzy is hard to get off of your nails but I think that is just because it is glitter and glitter I swear, will someday be the end of me.

Sinful Colors - Frenzy

Both of these products have an excellent consistency and they glide onto the nail smoothly. They dry very opaque which I love because I HATE layering on like twenty layers of nail polish to get it to look good.

Overall, these are two excellent polishes and I would recommend these to anybody on a tight budget. Hope you enjoyed the review and like always, found it helpful!

~Audrey <3

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