Audrey's Declassified School Survival Guide

Chapter One: The Preparation

1.1 The Ultimate Back to School Shopping List
(High School Edition for the girls out there)
Personal Care 
  •     Shaving Cream
  •     Chap-stick (I love Burt's Bees, EOS or Soft-lips: Vanilla)
  •     Eyeliner (liquid or pencil depending on personal preference)
  •     Foundation (don't wear it if you don't need it)
  •     Powder
  •     Blush
  •     Concealer
  •     Mascara
  •     Deodorant
  •     Hand Sanitizer
  •     Hand Lotion
  •     Hair Ties
  •     Bobby Pins
  •     *Optional
  •     *Eye-shadow
  •     *Bronzer
  •     *Lip Gloss

School Supplies
  •     Multi-Pocket Folder
  •     Sharpie (or other black permanent marker)
  •     Notebooks (5) (Preferably 5 Star)
  •     Filler Paper (College Ruled)
  •     Pens- Black, Blue, Red
  •     Colorful Gel Pens (they make taking notes WAY more fun)
  •     Pencils (I prefer .7 MM lead but you can use whatever you want. Keep it consistant though so you don't       end up with three different sizes of lead.)
  •     Pencil Lead
  •     Highlighters
  •     Pencil Pouch
  •     Post It Notes
  •     Flash Drive (8+ GB especially if you have any sort of computer classes)
  •     Lunch Box (If you bring your own lunch)
  •     Backpack/ Messenger Bag (My favorite)/ Tote bag/ etc.
  •     *Optional
  •     *Calculator (I really like my TI Nspire)
  •     *iPad or Tablet of choice + portable keyboard
  •     *Cellphone
Clothing- Make sure it's up to the dress code for your school
    2-3 pairs of jeans
    2-3 casual and comfy dresses
    1-2 casual skirts
    2-3 pairs athletic pants
    2-3 pairs leggings
    1-2 pairs casual pants
    7 long sleeve shirts
    7 tee shirts
    2-3 Sweaters or Sweatshirts
    2-3 Cardigans
    10 Pairs Underwear
    10 Pairs Socks
    3-4 Pairs of tights
    2 Pairs of good Flats
    1 Pair indoor sneakers
    1 Pair gym shoes
    1-2 Pair boots

Chapter Two: Staying Stylish

2.1 Hair

Natural-looking Blonde... Perfect Blonde Color!!

Easy Hairstyles
unknown source
cute & easy:)

Cute Vintage-Modern Updo
I absolutely love vintage hairstyles, especially with a modern twist. This hairstyle is perfect to wear to work, or school, or wherever you may be going that day.

Super chic and you can make it with a little bit of practice.  Add a bit of sparkle for a evening out.

Braid in a braid
I absolutely love this hairstyle because it is simple, but still super adorable and easy to do. To create this hairstyle, take a piece of hair about an inch thick from the back of your hair and braid it. Secure with an elastic. Bring all of your hair to one side of your head and separate it into three sections. Braid all the way to the end, removing the elastic securing the small braid when you get to it. Braid all the way to the end and secure with an elastic!
braid in braid :) pretty
Half up Half Down Bow
hair bow

The Twisty Braid Ponytail
The Twisty Braid Hair Tutorial - with video! I think I could find a cuter way of ending it

2.2 Makeup

eye brightening makeup tutorial
I do this look all the time and it truly does work. It gives the appearance of bigger, brighter eyes while keeping it extremely subtle. Make sure to use an eye-shadow base to ensure that it lasts all day long.


Gradient Eye Makeup Tutorial
I like this look a lot because it incorporates color while still keeping it natural. This look isn't as natural as some that I've seen but I do like the hint of purple in the crease. This look was created using one of the wet and wild trios that can be found for about five dollars at just about any drugstore.

Classic eyes - I wanna try this!
Lately I have been absolutely loving winged out eyeliner. I think that it looks great when done right. This look is the most natural of natural, using very little shadow and focusing mostly on the liner.

maybelline dream bouncy blush swatches
When getting your photo taken, blush is a beauty must have. It helps you not look washed out and dead in your photo. Here are the swatches from the entire Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush line. I really like these blushes and they are from the drugstore!!! They have this super cool consistency that literally makes them "Bouncy".

2.3 Wardrobe

Untitled #43
I absolutely adore the crochet detailing on this tunic. It compliments the shape of it really nicely and adds a nice finishing detail. I think that boyfriend jeans are very much in style this season and they  are so comfortable!!! Feather earrings are very bohemian and add a nice touch to this outfit. I finished off the look with a simple pair of black sandals.
Izabel London coral top

Rag & Bone distressed jeans
$315 -

Wallis engraved jewelry

Untitled #44
My favorite piece in this outfit is definitely the necklace. I think that the green adds a nice pop of color to the outfit and would make any eye color look brilliant. Ombre is also very in style right now and I'm certain that you will see a ton of it when you go back to school. High low dresses are also very popular and this one is very chic but still laid back and comfortable. I finished off this outfit with a simple gold bangle bracelet and off white bow flats.

Kimchi Blue pleated dress

Accessorize bow flat

K Amato k amato

Stella Dot cuff bangle

My style 001
I have been hearing rumors that baseball tees are going to make a comeback this fall. I personally love coral and I think that this one is super cute! If it is a little chilly, you can layer a simple cardigan over the top. I think that shorts are nice to wear when it is super hot out but remember to stick to your school's dress code so I would recommend wearing longer shorts to registration/ picture day. I finished off this outfit with a simple pair of white high tops which gives the outfit more of a sporty look.

More sections coming soon!!!
(Comment down below on what you would like to see)

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