Thursday, August 15, 2013

Back 2 Cool #4: School Makeup Ideas

Hi Guys!
When I do my makeup for school, I tend to go more natural and subtle with a pop of color. Here are some of my favorite tutorials to achieve the perfect, natural, back to school look.

Idea 1:

eye brightening makeup tutorial
I do this look all the time and it truly does work. It gives the appearance of bigger, brighter eyes while keeping it extremely subtle. Make sure to use an eye-shadow base to ensure that it lasts all day long.

Idea 2:
Gradient Eye Makeup Tutorial
I like this look a lot because it incorporates color while still keeping it natural. This look isn't as natural as some that I've seen but I do like the hint of purple in the crease. This look was created using one of the wet and wild trios that can be found for about five dollars at just about any drugstore.

Idea 3: 
Classic eyes - I wanna try this!Lately I have been absolutely loving winged out eyeliner. I think that it looks great when done right. This look is the most natural of natural, using very little shadow and focusing mostly on the liner.

Idea 4:

When getting your photo taken, blush is a beauty must have. It helps you not look washed out and dead in your photo. Here are the swatches from the entire Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush line. I really like these blushes and they are from the drugstore!!! They have this super cool consistency that literally makes them "Bouncy".

maybelline dream bouncy blush swatches
Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush

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