Saturday, May 4, 2013

Audrey's Daily Drama #7: Saturday May 4

Hi Guys!
Right now I am listening to that Taylor Swift hit, "We are Never Ever Ever Ever Ever Getting Back Together" (at least that's how it seems). There are so many parody's for this song it is hilarious! Anyways, these past couple days have been, (pause, for effect) interesting. Yesterday I went on my first real babysitting job, Gasp!

I know what you're thinking, fourteen and never had a babysitting job. Truth is, I have babysat my little brothers and sister but that doesn't really count because they are family. Honestly, I had a blast while babysitting. There was four kids (11, 9, 4, 5) and they were so easy! I absolutely love babysitting jobs that are actually fun. We watched Parent Trap and played outside and it was truly fun!

Today I hung out with some of my best friends Jackie and Jane. (, We went on like a ten mile bike ride which was such a stress reliever. Soon, I am going to do a post on stress relief but my biggest tip honestly, is to do something hard. It makes you feel like you can accomplish something and do something that some other people may not be able to do. On the bike ride I got to spit off of two new bridges so I'll update that on my bucket list right after this goes up.

After we got back from the bike ride, we went over to Jackie's house and watched a silent movie. Silent movies are cool because in order to make the plot clear, they dramatize everything so much that it becomes hilarious! We watched "The General" (1939) and it was good so I think I may do a movie review on it soon.

Well I hope you enjoyed this Daily Drama and I'll talk to you later!

Audrey <3

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