Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Love Doctor: Consultation #1

Hi Guys!
I am here today with some of my fabulous friends (Whoop whoop! from friends) and we are going to record our conversation. I am in Green, Emilee is in Turquoise, and Emma is in Purple

So, wassup
No, don't start with boys until later in life and boys are like drugs, they are addicting and cute, and then they break your heart and you basically die.
I think boys are AMAZING!! (to all you guys our there! :) ) but I have a story about this guy. Tell me what you think down at the comments
 So there is this guy I really liked ever since I moved here and met Audrey. We call him Bowtie. (He just really likes bowties!)
Didn't he like wear a bowtie to that school dance once? or was it a band concert? (Emma plays the flute)
it was both
Audrey's Dad. "Hey Audrey, is this pancake burning?"
YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS!!!!!
Well, that was quite in interruption  Oh well.
So We liked each other alot! Well, anyway, my friend got involved and ruined it all
We need revenge
You don't want to know what the revenge i am thinking of is
Yes I do
No you don't
Yes I do
No You don't
Yes I do
Alright, so in NCIS Ziva David wanted revenge because her father was killed so she killed the man who killed him.
Let's kill him!!!!! Not!!!!
Emma just ran over to the piano and is now playing a revenge song
This is the perfect revenge song. 
Hey! You guys interrupted me!! Right now Emilee is playing with my pet rat. Yes, a rat. Don't even ask.
Don't Judge me!
Well, what I was going to say is nothing is fair in love and war. Right now Emilee is laughing her head off and I honestly don't know why.
will she bite me?
No I don't think so
(my little brother lecturing my friends on the proper way to hold a rat)
Boys are stupid!!!
So, moral of the post, boys are stupid  but  we love them. 
Little Brother: Hey!!
dinosaurs probably had nine lives. I think that what happened, is that dinosaurs died nine times and came back every time except for the ninth. Then they became extinct.
Wow we are way off topic
Ditto, again
We are so weird!!!! 
One last question. Tell me everything you know about liking a boy and you both like eachother but your friend messed it up and you want to get over him but you cant and you still like eachother. He wrote me a note saying sorry. Should I respond, or what? Pleeeeeeeze let me know!!!!!
Well, that's about it folks
no its not
lets just leave it at that
Anyways, I hope you enjoyed hearing what some of my friend had to say. Comment down below if you would like any more of these!
Audrey <3

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