Monday, May 20, 2013

How to Clean Your Room in a bunch of simple steps

Hi Guys!
So today, my parents asked me to do the unthinkable, the impossible, the most daunting task available to a teenager; clean my room. So I figured if I was going to clean my room, I might as well get a blog post out of it. Here is how I clean my tornado stricken room in a bunch of simple steps!

Supplies: (Any of these are optional)
Trash Bag
Three empty buckets or baskets
A Playlist of your favorite tunes
A hair tie
Thick Masking Tape

  1. Put Your hair up in a high ponytail- I can not stress how important this is. The most annoying thing when your cleaning your room is having to worry about your hair so get that ponytail up as high as you can go!
  2. Apply Chapstick- Kind of random. It's kind of nice to have on chapstick while you are cleaning your room. My personal favorites are: Carmex-Moisture stick, Burt's Bees, and EOS.
  3. Start your music- You will clean a TON faster with music (at least I do)

Round ONE: Books and Clothes

  1. Clear a space for the three empty buckets or baskets- use the thick masking tape to mark them for the first round of our endeavour: Dirty Clothes, Clean Clothes, Books
  2. Fill Up the baskets- when you are done, your room should look a lot better
  3. Put away the contents of the baskets- Wash the dirty clothes, hang up the clean clothes, and shelf the books
  4. Make Your Bed- There are thousands of Youtube videos on how to do this just like hotel maids so watch a few and make your bed look nice! 

Round TWO: Shoes, Makeup, and Stuffed Animals

  1. Take off the tape from the last round- Re-label the baskets: Shoes, Makeup, and Stuffed animals
  2. Fill Up the baskets
  3. Put away the contents of the baskets- Put away your shoes (I have a shoe tree but some people may have a rack. Don't get a shoe tree unless you have a walk in closet.... I do not and it does NOT work!). Arrange your makeup in your vanity or in your bathroom and put stuffed animals wherever you usually put them.

Round THREE: Anything that doesn't belong in your room

  1. Take off the tape from the last round- Re-label the baskets: Bathroom, Kitchen, and another place where things might need to go. 
  2. Fill up the baskets
  3. Put away the contents of the baskets- Take all dishes to the kitchen, Hair products to the bathroom, and put away anything else that doesn't belong.

Here are some more categories. Go through the ones that apply to you

  1. Sports stuff: Indoor, Outdoor, In your room
  2. Papers- School, Work, anything else
  3. Misc- Pens/Pencils, textbooks, sheet music

By now your room should be looking pretty clean.


Label the baskets: Trash, Recycling, and donation and that should pretty much finish up your room

I hope you liked this post and as always, found it helpful.

Audrey <3

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