Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Audrey's Daily Drama #6: Tuesday 4/30/2013

Hi guys!
I just painted my nails so I am trying to type with wet nails and it is HARD! Today was extremely boring, as usual. In English we played a board game and it was so fun! I ended up being a mime for most of the game so that was, interesting. I just had a fabulous idea on what to write but then I forgot it. Don't you just hate when those fabulous ideas just slip away and there's not even any hope of them ever returning to your mind. That happens all the time to me!

Today I also updated my style page so go check that out and I do have to say, its pretty epic. Other than what my friends say, I have no idea of what anyone thinks of my posts so if you could leave a comment and tell me the honest and good truth I would really appreciate that. I was reading my posts from like two weeks ago and I laughed. I was so exited to have 274 page views and now I have almost 800!! That is absolutely INSANE and my mom is kind of worried that so many people in the world now know who I am.

Well it's getting late so I better wrap up this post. Hope you enjoyed it and I'll talk to you later.

Audrey <3

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