Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Audrey's Daily Drama #3: Tuesday 4/16/2013

1:14 PM
Hi Guys!
I am in technology class right now and I am listening to Imagine Dragons on Pandora internet radio. At school they block so many websites but I am glad that they left this one open. I am technically supposed to be working on a computer exploration assignment right now but I think that I will do that tomorrow.

When I get home from school I am going to tennis lessons and then I will probobly do homework. Today has been so strangely boring and no drama whatsoever.

I'll probably be updating this post later but until then, TTYL!

Audrey <3

5:55 PM
Hi Guys!
After school I went to tennis and it was so fun!! My homework is now done and right now I'm feeling alone while sitting on my bed writing on my blog. I was checking out the stats of this site and I already have 234 page views today which is absolutely awesome. Some of the more popular bloggers are laughing that I'm excited at 234 when they get thousands. Hopefully, in time I will build up a reputation and easily get new readers on my, strange, blog.

In a half an hour I am going to babysit a bunch of kids and it should be interesting. I found out how to do the coolest thing today!! I plugged my IPod into my big guitar amp and now my music is blaring throughout my room and it is pretty sweet. I might update later but I don't think so. Talk to you guys later!!!

Audrey <3

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