Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Audrey's Daily Drama #2: Monday 4/15/2013

Hi Guys!
So another birthday come and gone and I seriously think that I'm cursed. April 15th is probably the worst day in history to be born on and with what happened in Boston today, I'm sure that something strange will happen in the near future. So, being fourteen is not a lot different than being thirteen. I got an electric guitar for my birthday and it is seriously so awesome! I can now officially call myself a music geek!

Honestly, I have never been a huge fan of my birthday. This is the first time in like FIVE YEARS that the big day has been on a school day. Since my birthday is in like the middle of April, it usually falls onto spring break which is fabulous in my favor! My best friends have a tenancy to embarrass me on my birthday even if it's not on a school day.

My uncle's wedding was on Saturday and it was really fun. After the ceremony we went out to a luncheon at the oldest running restaurant in the state! The food there was seriously amazing and the service was fantastic. They were able to accommodate my food allergies no problem so if you're ever in town, go to the Bluebird.

Today's school day was pretty normal. In English we got a new seating arrangement that made me laugh. Two words to describe English class: Extremely Awkward. Overall, my birthday was normal, the wedding was fun, and I'm still sitting here across from my mirror realizing how frizzy my hair is.

Until next time,

~Audrey <3

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