Wednesday, April 17, 2013

50 Random Facts About Me!!

Hi Guys!
I didn't feel like doing an Audrey's Daily Drama today so I am going to do this tag that has been going around. Sadly, the title is a little bit misleading. I could only come up with 34 things to put on this list so I'm not quite at fifty yet. So basically, this is a list of 34 of the most random things that I can think of about me, Audrey Ryan!
Hope you enjoy!!

  1.  Roses make me sneeze
  2. I am terrified of clowns
  3. When I'm texting my friends I get carried away with emoticons, parenthesis, and acronyms
  4. My favorite number is 27
  5. i dont have aspecific favorite band. some of my favorites are imagine dragons, the beetles, adele etc.
  6. My favorite T.V. show is NOVA on discovery channal
  7. I have never seen a PG13 movie
  8. I love the smell of the mountains after it has rained
  9. I have never broken a bone
  10. Last year, I sprained my eyebrow (if that's possible.... it was really weird)
  11. I have only gotten straight A's once and on average I am a B student
  12. I am really bad at spelling but somehow I managed to win the class spelling bee in 5th grade. My teacher gave me such easy words it was awesome!
  13. Ever since I was little, I have been strangely fascinated by ceiling fans. I can just lay on my bed for hours watching it spin.
  14. Science is my best subject although it has never really been my favorite subject. I personally prefer Art class.
  15. I can't stand holding still, I always have to be moving. It drives other people crazy but hey, I can't help it! 
  16. I have secretly always wanted to learn ballet (shhh don't tell!)
  17. I own the entire Nancy Drew series
  18. I can't swim
  19. I have never slept with a teddy bear, even when I was little
  20. I do not see acting as a future career choice for me. I freeze so bad in front of a camera.
  21. I am an honors student
  22. I don't wear skirts or dresses a lot and whenever I do, my friends are shocked 
  23. I know how to knit but I don't like to (don't tell anyone about this either)
  24. I never want to own an E-Reader device. I like to see exactly how many pages left to read instead of just looking at percentages
  25. Biggest Pet Peeve, when people confuse affect with effect
  26. My room is never EVER clean
  27. I love it when it rains
  28. Spring is my favorite season
  29. I am allergic to bananas
  30. I hate handwriting that I can't read
  31. I learned how to read before I started Preschool
  32. I find daises a very boring flower
  33. I am allergic to dairy
  34. I play tennis and am super athletic but nobody knows because I am too shy to try out for any school teams.
Audrey <3

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