Friday, April 26, 2013

Audrey's Daily Drama #5: Friday 4/26/2013

Hi Guys!
I just realized that I haven't done an Audrey's Daily Drama in like a week! Sorry for the holdup but I have been so super busy with school, tennis and various other things. I did manage to put up some other stuff on my other pages. I'll probably be doing a book review tomorrow so watch out for it!

Last night my mom left for her annual "weekend retreat" and us kids are stuck home with dad all weekend. Dad packed my lunch this morning and everyone at my lunch table watched intently as I opened the spider man, yes spider man, lunchbox. Dad did a pretty good job except he forgot I can't eat nuts because of my braces. He accidentally put nuts in my little brother's lunch too and he's severely allergic to them.

We had a sub in advanced  math again. My teacher has been gone for two days and we've had literally the worst subs possible. Today's sub was better than yesterday's though I think that our entire class of nerds was beginning to scare her. We finished our assignment early so a bunch us started humming a harmonized version of carol of the bells. Ahhh, the joys of math class!

My friend Emilee's birthday is tomorrow and we are going bowling for her party. I would post what I got her except she follows this blog intensely so that will have to wait for later. She told me that they even found a gluten free cake mix to accommodate my allergies so I'm pretty excited about that. No mix compares to my mom's cake recipe though. I am in the process of asking her if I can put it on this blog, but it's a family recipe so no promises.

I had an anxiety attack today. For me, I just get so anxious that my body can't function any more so it partially shuts down and I black out for a second. Don't worry, I won't die anytime soon; the doctor said that it's not dangerous as long as I take a pill. I absolutely hate taking pills especially with braces. The dentist put a bracket thingy on the top of my mouth, cutting my tongue space in half.

I just realized that I began blabbering again. I always do that: jabber on and on and on, especially when nobody's there to stop me! I'll try to come up with something interesting besides my boring braces problem. This is going to be a rather long Daily Drama post. At school, everyone always teases me for saying rather and very much so. I don't know, I guess it's just habit. Does anybody else reading this say rather or very much so? If you do, please comment so that I know I'm not alone.

Its getting late so I probably better wrap this post up soon. Keep an eye out for more stuff on my other pages!

Audrey <3

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