Friday, September 12, 2014

Graphic Design, and the National Anthem (ADD #43)

8:46 AM
Hi Guys!!!
I apologize for not being present for a while but instead of making up excuses, I'm going to skip to the part where I tell you about my, oh so dramatic life. (hint: sarcasm) I am in graphic design right now. I just finished my human emotion line drawing sketches and since I forgot my sketchbook, it's kind of hard to do anything else and I figured it's probably a pretty good time to write. My teacher just started talking now so I'd better go!

6:36 PM
So I'm home now. Sorry that I didn't write more during the day but I was kind of busy. I got an A+ on my physics assignment today so that made me totally happy!!! I'm such a nerd :) For choir, we had to sing The Star Spangled Banner on the school announcements today and that was well, nervewraking (I honestly have NO idea on how to spell that word so let's just go with it) We did well, I thought, but watching the video, the band was way too loud!!! Us choir kids were so quiet in comparison. :) oh well, it's over-with so time to move on.

<3/ Audrey

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