Saturday, September 20, 2014

A little piece of my soul. Hope that you enjoy!!

Hearts. Beat. Slowly.

I listen to the wind as it blows past me.
It's Tuesday and the storm clouds are moving in from the sea.
Just like any other Tuesday, 
my heart. beats. Slowly.

The dew in the grass rises in a team towards the still moonlit sky.
The sun is approaching but it takes small steps.
All at once, it jumps out and surprises me.
And Just like any other morning,
my heart. beats. slowly.

Dreadfully, I force myself to move away.
The rain begins to pour and within moments, I am soaked
And just like any other rainstorm,
my heart. beats. slowly.

But unlike any other Tuesday,
Unlike any other morning,
And unlike any other rainstorm,
You are there beside me.

And our Hearts. Beat. Slowly.

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