Saturday, September 21, 2013

Midterm Papers: Do's and Don'ts

Hi Guys!
Where I live, midterms are fast approaching and we all know what that means: Midterm Papers! In a lot of my classes we have to write papers twice a term and due dates are drawing near. Here is my advice on how to totally wow your professors with a well revised midterm paper, or meet professional deadlines in any situation:

Do use spell check. It is not impressive when you go to hand in your paper and there are typo's
Don't Procrastinate. It will just make the pressure of acing your paper worse. Relax and be sure to start well before your deadline.
Do use your own words. Plagiarism is not cool and professors can usually tell when you copied it from wikipedia.
Don't not do it. These big papers are usually worth a significant portion of your grade and missing it all together is a guaranteed fail.
Do use an outline. Last year in US history my professor didn't even make us write the paper as long as we did the outline. It can really help your paper sound professional and well thought out.
Don't pay the class nerd to do it for you. You won't learn a thing and worse, you could get in trouble if the professor found out.
Do use SparkNotes. I know that this advice may sound kind of odd but it's true. I use SparkNotes all the time to help me understand what is going on in some of the difficult books that I read for english. Trust me, IT HELPS!

Hope you enjoyed this rather lame post. I am running out of ideas so please message me your thoughts and opinions through the "Dear Audrey" box below, or leave me a comment. Thanks!

Audrey <3

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