Monday, September 23, 2013

Runway the "Real" Way: Catwalk to Sidewalk

Hi Guys!!!
I know that we all love to take inspiration from the catwalk once and awhile but considering what the models wear, new trends might be kind of difficult to pull off. In this post, I am going to show you how to take the catwalk (<---) to the sidewalk. (VVVV)

 Tone down the styles, not the colors. One of my tips to wearing the next big style without looking like a clown, is to tone down the style, not the color. Colors are what gives an outfit it's tone but if you take that away, what do you have left? To wear the style shown to the left, I would recommend pairing that skirt with some printed or sheer tights instead of opaque solid tights. Make sure to keep it that same color for the fun bright effect.

Don't wear crazy makeup!!! I know it may look fantastic on the model but trust me, if you wear it to school, It'll look horrendous! Opt for something bright and fun, but more natural.  vvvvvv is a perfect example.
Sephora Break the Bank (11) Eyeshadow

Trendy New Nails!

The final look:

From this........                           To this!!!!!


Hope you enjoyed this post!
Luv Yall!!
Audrey <3

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