Thursday, September 5, 2013

Audrey's Daily Drama #16: Thursday 9/5/2013

appx. 7:10 AM
Hey Guys!! 
Right now I am sitting in floor 1.5 of my school. (Aka, the landing between the two stairwells. I hate how much my school blocks the Internet here. I can't even access my blog!! So, I am writing this in my notes on my ipod. I have been so insanely busy lately. Yesterday I had a tennis match and I went straight from that to young women's. we watched Anne of green gables and if you have ever seen that movie, you can understand why I got home at ten. 

I am so bored right now. Jackie and Jane aren't here yet. They need to get here so that I have someone to talk to. You would never guess who just walked past! The guy that likes my friend Emma but she doesn't like him back and he broke her heart and now emilee and I are seeking revenge. No big deal right? Looking back on it, there was way too much unnecessary drama in middle school.  It shocks me how much less dramatic high school is than middle school was. 

12:38 PM
I'm sitting at lunch with Jackie right now.  I left my lunch at home so my dad is bringing me fooooooood!!! I get so hungry at this time of day because I have second lunch (12:30!!!). It drives me insane if I don't eat by noon. 

8:12 PM
I just finished doing my homework which took forever! I had to take a quiz on greek gods and goddesses that I missed because of a tennis match on tuesday. (I lost) I am listening to Kelly Clarkson on Spotify right now. She is literally one of my absolute favorite artists. I love how she keeps it real and still manages to write amazing music. 

Hope you guys liked this post!
Audrey <3 

(P.S. I wrote the first two parts on my IPod so sorry for the atrocious grammar)

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