Sunday, November 10, 2013

Audrey's Daily Drama #19: Moving, Testing, and Stressful Math Projects

Hi Guys!
This >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> is how I feel right now. Sorry that I haven't really been around much lately. I have been so intensely busy with EOT's (End of Term) coming up on the 31st. I can imagine what teachers say about end of term. On top of all that stress, I also have a big announcement. I'm moving!!!

Yes, the rumors are true, it is finally happening! Moving day is two weeks from tomorrow and I have such mixed emotions about the whole thing. I am sad, scared, excited, and nervous all at the same time. I'll be staying at he same school which I am really grateful for. I could not switch schools in the middle of the year. I just don't have the guts to stand out and make new friends. 

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this little update. I will try to be posting more often now that the term is drawing to a close so don't forget to follow me for updates. 

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