Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Audrey's Daily Drama #15: Tuesday August 20 2013 FRESHMAN ORIENTATION

6:58 AM
Hi Guys!
    Today is Tuesday and I am about to leave for school. Summer is officially over! :( On the bright side, I finally get to start high school! I'll be updating this post all day and publish it tomorrow. Write whenever I get the chance! See ya!!

11:05 AM
     So right now I am sitting at a lunch table in the commons area in the high school! I am here with Emilee, Brie, Jane, and Jackie. Gosh this school is so big! I will definitely get lost for the next few days. Or weeks.. Or months...

Convo between Audrey, Jane, Jackie, and Angie

Audrey: We're in the library right now. Today has literally been a blast.

Jackie: This is such an exciting opportunity to attend this awesome school!

Audrey: They even have a vending machine!

Jane: I am really freaked out! This is so fun and confusing, I don't know what to do. Above all, this has been totally awesome!

Audrey: Not only do you talk fast, but you also write fast! :)

Jane: Thanks but it is totally messy. You should see me in a debate setting where I only have a certain amount of prep time. 

Jackie: I on the other hand, can claim I write slowly. Wel sometimes. Sometimes my handwriting looks like chicken scratch! :)

Audrey: :)

Jane: You two! :)

Jackie: I'm :) right now. High school is really exhilarating (Audrey: Whaaaaaaat?????)To be honest, it's never like the movies, or how people say it is. Its 100x better! :)

Audrey: Exactly. The people in our school seem so nice!

Angie: I hope we break out in a  flash mob after 3rd period like in the movies!

Jane: Yeah but I'm definitely not going to be the lead!

Bell Rings 

8:39 PM
    School was, interesting, today. As you can see, ^^^, Jackie, Jane, Angie, and I went kind of crazy with the convo. Do you guys like convo posts? Let me know. So I bet that you are wondering how on hearth I was able to edit and write on this post all day. Well I carry around a notebook that I write in A LOT and just type what I wrote.

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse of my freshman orientation!

Audrey <3

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