Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Schoooooooool (ADD #26)

Wednesday February   19 2014
11:35    PM
Hi Guys!

It feels like I haven't actually talked to you in forever and truth is, I haven't and I am so sorry for not posting the greatest posts lately. The weekend is coming and I'll have some extra time to write since I am mostly caught up in school.  I had a math midterm today and unless I flunked that and need to study for a retake, my weekend looks pretty clear.

I might try and talk Jackie and Jane into doing one of those convo collab posts because I know that those are quite well loved by you guys. What do you want to read on here in the near future? I'd love to hear from you guys so comment down below, send me an email, heck even post on my Facebook page!!! (yes I do have one and you should totally go like it!!) 

It is no joke like eleven thirty right now and oddly enough, I am not in the least bit tired. Tomorrow is my easy day so I guess that it will be okay if I doze off now and then. I have health first period tomorrow and that class is beyond easy. Last time, my teacher's computer died so we literally played flappy bird for an ENTIRE class period. Not that I'm opposed to that idea or anything, but I was a little brain dead after watching a pixelated bird hit a pole for an hour straight.

I also have Bio with Jane tomorrow so that should be interesting. That class is way fun. We are getting into taxonomy which means, dissection. As gross as that is, we are starting off by doing small stuff like flowers, insects, and worms. We dissected worms in middle school and it was totally gross so I'm not really looking forward to doing it again. 

I think that I might add onto this tomorrow because I don't need a post to go up until Friday. I bid thee adieu!

<3/ Audrey

10:37 AM 2/20/2014
Hi Guys!!!
So I am in biology right now and guess who is sitting next to me. Yes, the infamous Jane Ivy!  We just finished writing a dichotomus key for shells and well, I gue we did okay. Jane would like to say: smile and be you!!!! Okayyyyyy. She needs help. 

There is a stake dance on Saturday and it is going to be epic! Jane is actually thinking about not going but I keep telling her that she HAS to come. Long story involving fictional characters, a pirate play, and a newly found love. Trust me, you do NOT want to know. Comment down below if you think she should TOTALLY go to the dance. :)

See ya later!!! <3/ Audrey

Hi guys!
I am sitting in my graphic design class right now. I just finished my project so I am now bored. We get to work on Macintosh computers and I've enjoyed exploring them since my family only uses Windows. 

This is probobly going to be the longest post that I have EVER written. I just have such an exciting life and I need to share it!!! (Hint sarcasm) I get out of class early so I get a fifty minute lunch instead of a thirty minute lunch. I can't wait until I can drive to go get food during lunch instead of having granola bars every day!
See ya!
<3/ Audrey

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