Friday, February 28, 2014

Health Class, Dissections, and Eew!!!! (ADD #27)

Hey Guys!

I am sitting in health right now. We literally do nothing in this class. We just barely had a test and it took me twenty minutes out of the sixty seven minute class period. There are only ten minutes left until this class is over and I get a twenty minute break. I love the schedule system at my school because it lands us with two twenty minute breaks every day except for Monday which is early out.

I have biology next period and we will probably be dissecting something disgusting, again. We are in the middle of a taxonomy unit and we literally dissect every day. So far we've done worms and clams.  Eew!!! Does dissecting things gross you out too? Let me know that I'm not alone in the comments.

Talk to you later!!
<3/ Audrey

Hey Guys!!!!
So right now I am sitting at lunch my friends Cassi and Clara. (They say hi) We ended up dissecting  crawfish in biology and it was disgusting!! I won't go into detail because I can pretty much garuntee that it will make you sick. So for lunch today I am eating corn nuts and crunch bits, I know, sooo healthy. I forgot my lunch today so I had to settle for the vending machine. Cassi brought a big bag of junk food so thnk you Cassi for satisfying my hunger.


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