Friday, October 4, 2013

UPDATE: 50 Random Facts About Me + 3000 Pageviews!!!!!

Hi Guys!
OH MY GOSH I JUST HIT 3000 PAGEVIEWS!!! I cannot thank you guys enough! It feels amazing to have come this far. Here is the special post that I promised you guys, drumroll please: It's an updated 50 random facts about me tag! I know that I did this one a little while ago, but I thought that it would be so fun to update it and let you guys know a little bit more about me. Before I get started I'd like to tag Jackie Taylor ( and Jane Ivy ( to do this tag too. So without further adieu, here is my updated 50 random facts about me.

  1. When I was seven, I tripped up the stairs and cut my chin open. My parents rushed me to the hospital and I had to get 8 stitches. 
  2. My hair doesn't tangle. I have really coarse hair so I never have to put in detangler or anything after I shower to prevent tangle. It hasn't always been like that though. When I was little, I kept my hair short so that I wouldn't ever have to brush it out.
  3. I could read before I started preschool. All my life I have seriously had a hazardous amount of books. Some of my favorites when I was little was Jane Eyre, Little Women, Wuthering Heights, Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn, and Anne of Green Gables.
  4. I am allergic to Roses. They make me sneeze and when I get scratched by one, it gives me a big welt.
  5. Yesterday I went to the JV region tennis tournament. It was seriously the longest day of my life. We were there for twelve and a half hours and I about died of starvation on the bus ride home.
  6. I have Celiacs Disease. I can't tolerate any food with gluten in it or it makes me sick. I just recently grew out of my dairy allergy. 
  7. My favorite season is the spring partly because my birthday is in April and partly because where I live it rains all the time! 
  8. My most visited page on my computer is my Blogger homepage. (I know, I need a life)
  9. Jackie, Jane, and I go to school together and Me and Jane ran the mile together 2 weeks ago with a time of 8:56.
  10. I used to run cross country but I had to quit when the tennis season started.
  11. I don't drink coffee but I am a sucker for hot chocolate.
  12. I have kept a journal almost my entire life. (since 5th grade)
  13. My favorite TV show is Once Upon a Time. I don't get TV so I have to wait for the season to be released on netflix. Is season 3 any good? Comment down below.
  14. It snowed yesterday.
  15. Several of my teachers talk with an intense western cowboy accent.
  16. Texting annoys me. It takes too long to have a conversation with somebody. 
  17. I know how to knit. (shhhh.....)
  18. Some of my favorite music artists are Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, Capital Cities, Katy Perry, and Imagine Dragons.
  19. I want to go to an art school in NY after I graduate.
  20. I am IMing my friend Emilee right now.
  21. I have a very mature color palette. I love forest greens, dark maroons, intense auburns but I also love fun and cheery colors.
  22. I cannot spell no matter how hard I try :)
  23. When I can't sleep, I surf Pinterest for hours on end.
  24. Right now, I am reading the third Michael Vey book. If you haven't read that book, READ IT! I can guarantee that you will love it!
  25. I drool when I sleep.
  26. When I study, I listen to Vitamin Piano Series and Piano Tribute Players.
  27. The most influential teacher that I have ever had was my US History teacher last year.
  28. My choir teacher has a poster in his classroom that says, "When you wish upon a star, you are a few million years too late because the star has died, just like your dreams." (Not even joking on this one :)
  29. This post is seriously one of the hardest ones I've ever done because it takes FOREVER to do.
  30. Last year, I sprained my eyebrow (if that's possible.... it was really weird)
  31. Ever since I was little, I have been strangely fascinated by ceiling fans. I can just lay on my bed for hours watching it spin around, and around, and around.......
  32. I'm not much of a socialite. I have account on all of the major sites but I NEVER use them. 
  33. Biology is my best subject although it has never really been my favorite subject. I personally prefer my painting class.
  34. I have never told a boy that I like him.
  35. I have two pet rats named Scratch and Princess.
  36. I am more of a cat person than a dog person. Long story but when I was three I was attacked by two big black dogs and they could have really hurt me.
  37. I have a friend from Canada. (Emma)
  38. My favorite kind of posts to type is collaboration posts with my friends.
  39. I cannot stand ads on spotify or pandora or grooveshark.
  40. I have only gotten straight A's once and on average I am a mostly A's with a couple B's student.
  41. I've never had nutella! (need to try it sometime)
  42. I just got a cell phone last year.
  43. I prefer pants over shorts except for when it's really REALLY hot outside.
  44. I have never danced at a school dance before. Last year the dances were really lame and the gym was literally split in two halves with guys on one side and girls on the other.
  45. I am an avid writer on Wattpad, Hub Pages, and
  46. I ALWAYS use google chrome.
  47. I use Windows to post on my blog.
  48. The social networking system that I use the most is Google+
  49. My favorite computer game is Dominion!!! (
  50. When I upload this, I will actually be at 2,999 views but when you see it, it will be at 3000
Hope you guys enjoyed this post and thank you so much for 3000! I'll do a special post once I hit 4000 so tell your friends, spread the word, and cause a world wide revolution!

<3/ Audrey

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