Friday, October 4, 2013

Audrey's Daily Drama #17: Wednesday October 2nd 2013

Hey guys wassup?
 Right now I am sitting in the school library bored out of my mind. I am forever alone!! Do you ever feel like that? Like nobody's there to lift you up when you come down? Definition: Audrey's Everyday Life (most of the time). And then there's those people who without even trying, they make such a big difference on your mood, your attitude, and your overall happiness. Sometimes I think that it's harder to find a person like that then to be a person like that.
So there was my daily rant. So far, I have been to two classes: Photography and Biology. I got my photo project critiqued today and I think that I did okay. +1 this post if you want to see my pictures. (I have to admit that they are pretty epic!) We had a sub in biology which was so freakishly boring. It would have been okay if I could actually understand what the video that we watched was talking about. Something about amigo acids, and "the building blocks of life" but I am honestly not sure.

The bell is going to ring in like seven minutes and then I'm off to Seminary. I love seminary! It is seriously nice to have one class where grades don't matter and you can just lay back and be inspired. If you don't attend seminary, check into it!

hmm I am totally out of stuff to write about. Nothing dramatic AT ALL has happened today. Emilee and Emma were asking me earlier to judge their "sass" contest and I didn't even ask why. :)

Someone just got thrown out of the library for eating so I guess that the extra granola bar in my backpack is out of the question. If only there was a way to type hunger because if there was, I'd be using it all the time. Well there is the bell. Update you guys later!

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