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50 Random Facts About MEEEE!!!! (High School Edition)

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One of the first posts that I ever put up on this website was my 50 Random Facts About Me Tag, I published it on April 17, 2013, almost THREE YEARS AGO. I figured that things have changed since then, so to keep the tradition going, here are 34 Random Facts About Me. (If you are confused or think that I'm going totally insane, go see the other post. :)

I Tag: Tudda Pudda, Jackie, Quayala (hope I spelled that right:) and anyone else who may be reading this. 

  1. I really don't like sheep
  2. My best subject in school is Science (Physics, Biology, and Chemistry) even though I don't particularly enjoy it.
  3. I am as blind as a bat without my glasses.
  4. I quite enjoy earthy things. ex: grass, dirt, funny looking bugs, etc...
  5. I am currently writing a book.
  6. I have a friend who is an exchange student from Ukraine. (Hi Anna!)
  7. I am a Junior in high school
  8. I bruise and scar really easily. 
  9. My favorite color is forest green
  10. Audrey Ryan may or may not be a pseudonym... 
  11. I am involved in my school's theatre and choir program and I LOVE it!! (If you want to see a post that explains this topic a little bit more, comment down below)
  12. The last play that I was in was called "After Ever Happily." It was a one act (20 minutes) and I had 40 speaking lines! I played the Millers Daughter which is the princess from the Rumplestiltskin story.
  13. I have pretty bad anxiety and depression which is no fun.
  14. Last week I went on Choir Tour to Denver Colorado and it was so SO fun!!!!
  15. I have always been a bit boy crazy.
  16. Since I turned sixteen (the age that my parents started letting me date) I have only been on three dates and I have been the one that asked for two out of those three.
  17. My favorite number is anything that ends with a 7 except for 7 itself and 17.
  18. I write everything in cursive. My teachers all think that it is really strange.
  19. My grandmother taught me how to knit, crochet, and sew when I was six.
  20. I learned how to read when I was four and a half. Nobody taught me. I just kind of picked it up on my own. I had this old English textbook from the 50's or 60's that I would read and I think that it played a part in my "search for knowledge" at such a young age.
  21. I got a 26 on the ACT but I am hoping to retake it a couple of times and get it up to a 29 or 30. My 26 is actually the lowest score out of all my friends who told me their score which kind of stinks because I always considered myself a fairly smart person.
  22. My dad is an optometrist and once, he gave an eye exam to a dog.
  23. I have two people that I would consider my BEST friends: Juliet, and Bart. (pseudo-names to keep identities a secret) These two would be the first people I would call about anything.
  24. I did clogging for about eight years when I was little. I actually was pretty good and would go to competitions and stuff.
  25. When I go to college, I want to either major in Musical Theatre, Graphic Design, or Photography.
  26. I got my tonsils out over Christmas break last year and I still haven't really fully recovered. My body doesn't do so well with anesthetics
  27. I really don't like food. The thought of eating is kind of gross to me and I only do it because I would die if I didn't.
  28. I have TMJ which is a disease that prevents my jaw from functioning properly. Right now I am seeing 3 different doctors pretty regularly. Next week I see them all.
  29. I really enjoy painting
  30. When I turn 18, I want to open an Etsy shop.
  31. I have pretty advanced training in Photoshop and Illustrator. I was one of 5 kids in my College level Graphic Design class last year that actually passed the test.
  32. I am currently in College Math and AP English Comp
  33. After I graduate high school, I want to travel somewhere far away.
  34. I got my drivers licence 6 months after my sixteenth birthday. :)

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!
<3/ Audrey

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