Sunday, July 19, 2015

Cuzins!!!! (yes, I did spell it wrong on purpose) ADD #56

Hola Chicas!

Right now, I am chillin with my cousin Ginger.

What am I supposed to do???????

Sorry guys, she's new to this whole "Conversational Blogging" shibang.

PFFF! Whatever. You're just jealous because I get a cooler color. Hair included.

haHa!! Who's talkin now? (#burn!!!) Plus, your parents named you way to specifically...

ME! What are you, stupid?! This is waaayyy better! (And somebody better get you some butter, cuz you just got TOASTED!)

You are really bad at english..... (I just  corrected her typing/ grammar/ spelling like five times...)

WELLLL! At least I know how to use an Oxford Comma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Apparently, Audrey is awful at using it!)

Epic failure...

BAM! I won!!!

Sorry that yall' have to witness our argument... We are super crazy sometimes.

I still won! Just so yall know. But seriously, the Oxford Comma is WAYYY underappreciated!

#englishnerd ^^^^^^^


So, you just admitted that I am smarter than you??

I'm still the LEAGAL genius in the family! (She's just an 'online' genius)

Well, that online IQ test site was pretty legit. They sent me a letter and everything.

Yeah, but I have a certificate. We just can't find it... We lost it in the move...

Six YEARS ago!!!

You've seen the boxes in the rec room! (It scares my brothers)


SIGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I'm Done! Ginger is signing off!

Well guys. I hope you enjoyed my, interesting, conversation with my cousin. Sorry that you had to hear us rant...

<3/ Audrey
^^^^^^DON'T FORGET ME!!!

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