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Audrey's Declassified School Survival Guide: Back to School Tag UPDATED 2015

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I hope you enjoy this quick little tag! I have done this tag before. Here is the link --> Back to School Tag 2013

I Tag:
Tudda Pudda
Olivia the Geek
Cassidy Rea
Eve Estelle
Clara Paige
Jackie Taylor
Jane Ivy

  1. What grade or year of college are you going into?
I am going to be a Junior in High School. (In the US, that is grade eleven)
  1. What are you excited and/or nervous for?
People are always telling me how important junior year is. It is the year where you narrow down collage choices, begin applying for scholarships, and take the ACT/SAT tests. (US only [I think]) There is definitely a lot of pressure on me to do well. I am super SUPER excited for Junior prom. I am also excited because I finally have a really solid group of friends and we have  a lot of fun together. I also get to go on choir tour this year which will be WAY WAY FUNNNN!!!!!
  1. What's your favorite part of getting ready for back to school?
As I said in my tag from 2013, I love school supply shopping. I love any type of office supplies/stationery stuff. I also love comparing schedules with friends. 
  1. When do you go back to school?
My school starts on August 24th but I don't have to go until the 25th because I don't have to be at freshman first day/orientation.
  1. What grade were you in when you first started makeup to school?
I started wearing a little bit of makeup in 8th grade but I didn't really get into it until the end of 9th grade.
  1. From where or whom do you get inspiration for back to school styles?
  1. What are your favorite upcoming back to school/fall trends?
I like dressing cozier in the fall. I love big sweaters, cozy socks, and combat boots.
  1. Where do you like to go shopping for back to school supplies?
I get my basics from Office Depot because they are generally super high quality and will last all year. I get the more "Cute" back to school supplies from Target because they have an awesome selection.
  1. What are your favorite stores to go back to school shopping?
I really like shopping at TjMaxx and thrift stores. I have a super unique style and I can usually find what I am looking for at these stores because I generally tend to gravitate more towards the vintage chic/ boho style.
  1. Will you be carrying a backpack or purse? Which do you prefer?
I found a super cute tote bag for school this year at a thrift store called Uptown Cheapstake so I will be using that for as long as it will hold up.

  1. What are three non-beauty essentials you carry in your backpack or purse?
-My Phone
-Glittery/Colorful Pens
-Gum or Mints
  1. What are three beauty essentials you carry in your backpack or purse?
-A nail clipper/file
-Makeup Wipes
  1. What is your go to hair product and hairstyle?
I like using sea salt spray on my hair because it accentuates my natural curls quite nicely. I usually shower before I go to bed and put in the salt spray. I sleep on my wet hair and when I wake up, it usually looks pretty nice. 
  1. What are your go to makeup products and go to makeup look?
On a daily basis, I usually only use a light foundation, blush, and mascara. Most of the time I just use a chapstick on my lips. My favorite ones are the Aquafina ones that you can find at Walmart.
  1. What are your go to clothing items? Accessories?
Like I said before, I really like the vintage chic style. I love wearing the pleated schoolgirl skirts with a fun blouse. I also like high waisted jeans with my combat boots.

Thanks for Reading!!!
<3/ Audrey

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