Saturday, April 18, 2015

Babysitting, babysitting, and more babysitting (ADD #54)

Hello my dear internet friends!!
I bet that 99.5% of anyone who is reading this knows where I am right now. Drumroll please . . . Yes! Babysitting. The kids just went to bed so I have some down time until their parents get home. I do not kid you when I say that I have babysat for at least twelve hours this weekend. So much for relaxing. It has been fun but honestly, I'm burned out. The kids that I sit for are absolute angels but I guess if you do something for too long, then anything can become boring. 

I am actually supposed to be doing homework right now but I can't concentrate. I'm almost too tired to think straight. My birthday was on Wednesday so that was fun. My mom and I went to Michael's and got some fun stuff to use in the DIY tutorials that I'm working on. I won't reveal the details quite yet but I promise that it's coming soon. 

I keep getting notifications on my phone from facebook because it is about the time of day when proud moms start posting prom pictures. It's great to see that everyone is having such a great time but would you at least wait until your child actually leaves for prom before posting pictures. #rantoftheday 

Well I'd better go. TTYL!
<3/ Audrey

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