Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015 Goals

1. Finish The Doctrine and Covenants  (May)
2. Get Drivers Permit (January) and License (June)
3. Expand my blog- post Tuesday and Friday 
4. Open my Etsy shop (August)
5. Get a checking account (January)
6. Go on a date (April - December)
7. Sweet Sixteen (April)
8. Finish Personal progress (September)
9. Develop a closer relationship with my heavenly father 
10. Practice initiating conversations/ planning activities/ Hanging out 
11. Practice a healthier lifestyle 
12. Go to a college football game (August - October)
13. Get a 3.8 or higher for Sophomore year (June)
14. Try contacts (April/ Spring Break)
15. Travel somewhere by myself 

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