Tuesday, November 18, 2014

TEN THOUSAND PAGEVIEWS, A Car the Size of an Elephant, And Some Other Stuff . . . (ADD #48)

We made it you guys!!!! Woot woot!!! Thanks for all of your amazing support of my little corner on the internet. <3

Now for the real post . . .

Hi Guys!
I am so tired right now!!!! The school play opened on Friday and ever since then, I have been super sleep deprived. It's a three hour long play which means it gets over at ten and by the time I have washed all the disgusting stage makeup off and scrubbed the spray hair dye out, it's like 1 in the morning. So this explains the lack of "real content" on this webpage for the past little while and I truly apologize for that. Closing night is on Friday and by then, I will hopefully have more free time on my hands.

Today I ditched school and went tile shopping with my mom. Okay, not a technically accurate description considering I was sick and she didn't want to leave me home alone because there are construction workers at our house. Our basement is in the process of being finished out and I am so excited!!!! (expect a photo tour sometime soon) Anyways, we did end up getting a ton of tile. (okay, so not quite a ton but 1,300 pounds is pretty close) It was, interesting driving down the canyon in a minivan that currently weighs as much as a baby elephant.

Talk to you later!!!
<3/ Audrey

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