Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Tech Week, Spray Tans, and Flash Mobs (ADD #47)

It feels like I haven't been on her in forever because I have been super busy. The school play opens on FRIDAY which is INSANE!!! (please excuse my excited CAPTIAL LETTERS followed by exclamation points!!!!!!!!) I am really hyper. My choir class flash mobbed the commons during lunch which was super fun. We sang Vuelie (opening song from FROZEN) because we got our first taste of winter this morning. Let me just say that it was COOOOOOOLD!!! 

As for the play, it's going good. I had to get a spray tan on Monday and now I look, interesting. It made me ten shades darker than I was before and I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. :) This past week has been "Tech Week" which basically means really REALLY long dress rehersals EVERY DAY!! Behind our director's back, some of the cast call tech week some not so nice things. :)  Hopefully I'll have some more time after the play is over to put up some awesome and exciting posts!

<3/ Audrey

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