Saturday, November 1, 2014

Coooooooold ⛄(ADD #46)

Tuesday October 28 2014
Hi Guys!
8:45 AM
So I woke up this morning to frost on my windows. Winter is officially on it's way! I am in my graphic design class right now and I just finished my assignment so I have nothing to do. My mom is coming to get me at 9:15 because I have a physical therapy appointment. Somehow, I injured my hip which is NOT fun. Thankfully, the pain is being drown out by the incessant pain in my mouth. (I got my braces tightened) I cannot wait until I get these train tracks off of my teeth!!! How is your guys's day going so far? The principal just walked in. hmmmmmmmm.

11:39 AM
No, I'm not in trouble. The principal just walked in to check out our projects. I'm about to start a physics test so, goooodbye

1:59 PM
So it turns out I actually didn't have a physics test. It's next time! I was all stressed for nothing! (J.K. even if I totally bomb the final, I will still have like a 97 in the class :) I am in writing right now waiting for my stuff to upload onto my OneDrive. It's taking foreverrrrrr. I had my physical therapy appointment and it went well. My hip is all taped up in funky positions.

I have play practice after school which should be, fun. We are running through all of the orchestral cues which can be super boring sometimes because I only sing two songs. On the upside, it gives me time away from my brothers so I can do homework! Talk to you later.

Notes from a later time:

  • I got 100% on the final
  • My hip still really hurts
  • One drive never ended up working :(
  • Play practice was cancelled so now boring orchestral cues!! 
<3/ Audrey

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