Friday, October 24, 2014

The Most Epic Rope Swing on the Face of the Earth

Hi Guys!
I wrote this little nonfiction narrative for my writing class. Feedback would be awesome because I have to turn something in on Tuesday. Love you all! <3/Audrey
                This is a story about three girls and the most epic swing on the face of the earth. It all began on a warm day in early June after the end of sixth grade. The leaves were just beginning to peek out and baby chicks squawked for their mothers to bring them food. We were inside that day, bored out of our minds, with only their dog to keep us company. My two best friends are twins as a matter of fact so when we get together, we are always together. We sat in silence for a while, not quite sure what to say.
                “Hey Jackie.” I said.
                “Do you have any rope?”
                “Yes rope! Let’s go find some; I have an idea.” We got up from the couch and went out to the garage to look for rope. It was fun to hear them guess what the heck I could want with rope. By the time we finally found some hiding in a bucket by the back door, I was laughing so hard that I had almost forgotten why we needed rope in the first place.
                “Okay here’s the rope.” By her tone of voice, I could tell that Jane was still confused.
                “Okay great. Do you have a board?”
                “Yes I think so. What kind of board do you need?” She gestured to a pile of scrap wood of all shapes and sizes in the back corner of the garage.
                “A wooden one?”
                “Duh silly. I mean how strong do you need it to be.”
                “Strong enough to hold my weight.” My final statement clicked a light on in their brains and I could tell that they were sort of starting to see my vision. We found a board about two and a half feet long and just wide enough to sit on, and went outside.
                Jane and Jackie have a lake in their backyard. Surrounding the lake were hundreds and hundreds of trees so thick, that you almost had to push them aside to get anywhere. We found a tree with a sturdy branch that was about twelve feet of the ground: just high enough for my plan to work but not so high that we couldn't easily throw something over it.
                “Hold this.” I handed Jane the board and I wrapped the rope into a loop. With a few tries, I got one end on each side of the branch.
                “Can I see the board again?” Jane handed it to me with a smile on her face. I could tell that she now knew exactly what I was doing.” We wrapped the rope around the wood creating a seat. With a few minor adjustments, we made it high enough to sit on. Our faces bubbled with excitement.
                We must have played out there for hours that day, casting our cares far away from that perfect moment. We soared over the lake and laughed on our way back to reality. Those moments above the lake, far away from anyone else, were perfect.

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