Wednesday, October 22, 2014

School Daze, Halloween Plans, and Luuuuunch (ADD #45)

Hello people of the internet!
I am sitting at lunch right now. I'm alone because nobody has gotten here yet. B, Jackie, and Juliet have lunch today. Juliet and Jackie just got here. (They say hi) B got here to along with Clara. (They also say hi) hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm TJ is also here. We've got the whole crew at our table now!!!! I just realized how corny I sound today. I apologize but I'm kind of brain dead today.

I have a physics test next period that I'm "so super duper pumped for!!!" (not really) Physics is okay but I think that tests in general are not fun. I have a good teacher though which always makes things easier. The end of the term is approaching which means finals week!!! Yay!!! (not really, again) Typing right now is really strange because B is staring over my shoulder. Okay then, "next" to my shoulder.

School has honestly just been a daze recently. It seems like all the days just blur together, or maybe it's just my really, really bad memory. I can't believe that Halloween is only like 9 days away! I still don't have a costume. I was going to be a pineapple but then my mom said it was stupid so scratch that idea. :)

<3/ Audrey

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