Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Laptops, Getting in the Groove, and Tennis Matches (ADD #42)

Hi Guys!
It is raining outside right now, again. It has literally been raining every day for the past month or so which is way weird because where I live, it is usually super dry in August. Yesterday, I got my school laptop and it is sweet!!! We got Lenovo ThinkPad's (at least I think that's what they are called) and they have a touch screen! Getting our textbooks loaded on here is such a pain though because there are 1800 people trying to use the network at the same time and it takes FOREVER.

I think that I'm finally starting to get in the groove of things. My routine seems to be solidifying which is nice. I still don't have too much homework because it is the beginning of the year. I usually have math every night, English reading every night, and an occasional assignment for my graphic design class. We are learning about perspective right now and it is way confusing. I think I did okay on the homework though.

Yesterday my tennis team had a match against our lifetime rivals. I won my match 8-2 which is so exciting considering that they are a really good team. The doubles team that we played was really bad though so I can't really judge my skill level on that one match :).

<3/ Audrey

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