Sunday, August 24, 2014

I'm a Horrible Person (ADD #41)

Hi Guys!
So I am sorry that I didn't put up any real posts at all this week. The first week of school has been INSANE!!!! My math teacher gave us a SIXTY page packet for the first three days. Ugggggh. We get our laptops on Tuesday so that's awesome. This year, my school district is going entirely paper free which I think is way cool. We don't have any textbooks, notebooks, (although I still do because I like writing my notes instead of typing them.) or required reading books. They are all on our laptop. It is definitely a bittersweet feeling.

So the first day of school was definitely, interesting. All my teachers seem pretty cool and we actually have quite a large choir which is nice!!! That class is going to be so much fun. In my creative writing class, we get forty minutes every class period devoted to writing so you can guess what that means. Forty minutes to work on my projects, to work on my posts, and to develop my skills as a writer. I just realize how nerdy that sounded but it's true!!!

<3/ Audrey

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