Friday, July 18, 2014

Creativly Named Back to School Series Post #1: The Ultimate Shopping List - High School

Hi Guys!
Back to School season is upon us and I think that we all know what that means. Shopping. (dun dun dun!!!) I know that it seems scary and sometimes overwhelming, but with the right list, it can be a breeze!!! Here is the ultimate guide to back to school shopping for anybody going into high school or college. (If there is anything I forgot, please comment down below and let me know [hey that rhymes!])

<3/ Audrey

Personal Care
    Shaving Cream
    Chap-stick (I love Burt's Bees, EOS or Soft-lips: Vanilla)
    Eyeliner (liquid or pencil depending on personal preference)
    Foundation (don't wear it if you don't need it)
    Hand Sanitizer
    Hand Lotion
    Hair Ties
    Bobby Pins
    *Lip Gloss

School Supplies
    Multi-Pocket Folder
    Sharpie (or other black permanent marker)
    Notebooks (5) (Preferably 5 Star)
    Filler Paper (College Ruled)
    Pens- Black, Blue, Red
    Colorful Gel Pens (they make taking notes WAY more fun)
    Pencils (I prefer .7 MM lead but you can use whatever you want. Keep it consistant though so you don't       end up with three different sizes of lead.)
    Pencil Lead
    Pencil Pouch
    Post It Notes
    Flash Drive (8+ GB especially if you have any sort of computer classes)
    Lunch Box (If you bring your own lunch)
    Backpack/ Messenger Bag (My favorite)/ Tote bag/ etc.
    *Calculator (I really like my TI Nspire)
    *iPad or Tablet of choice + portable keyboard
Clothing- Make sure it's up to the dress code for your school
    2-3 pairs of jeans
    2-3 casual and comfy dresses
    1-2 casual skirts
    2-3 pairs athletic pants
    2-3 pairs leggings
    1-2 pairs casual pants
    7 long sleeve shirts
    7 tee shirts
    2-3 Sweaters or Sweatshirts
    2-3 Cardigans
    10 Pairs Underwear
    10 Pairs Socks
    3-4 Pairs of tights
    2 Pairs of good Flats
    1 Pair indoor sneakers
    1 Pair gym shoes
    1-2 Pair boots

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