Monday, June 2, 2014

Get to Know Me Tag + 7k Page-views!!!!!!!!

Hey Guys!
I just hit 7000 page views so I thought that I would do a special post. Here is the "Get to Know Me" tag. I hope you enjoy and find out all you ever wanted or needed to know about mwah! (is that even a word?)

Vital Stats:
Name: Audrey Avery Ryan
Nicknames: Briez
Birthday: 15 April
Place of Birth: Ohio
Star Sign: Aries
Occupation: Writer/Blogger/Dreamer (starting an etsy shop soon!)

Hair color: Copper Bronde
Hair length: Long
Eye color: Greenish Bluish Grayish
Best feature: Eyes
Braces: Yup
Piercings: Yup (just one on my ears)
Tattoos: Nope
Righty of Lefty: Righty

Best friend: Bently (we met in preschool. I lost contact several years ago.)
Award: Dance National Competition (third grade, second place)
Sport: Tennis <3
Real Holiday: Memorial Day
Concert: I've never been to one (shocker!!!!)

Movie: Anything prior to the 1960's (especially Roman Holiday with Audrey Hepburn. No, it's not because we have the same name :)
TV Show: Once Upon a Time (I really wish that they'd put the third season on Netflix)
Color: Forest Green & Chocolate Brown
Song: Arms by Christina Perri
Restaurant: Tucanos (mmmmmm :)
Store: Barnes and Noble, or any thrift store. (I also quite enjoy Forever 21)
Book: Princess for Hire by Lindsey Leavitt
Magazine: Better Homes and Gardens
Shoes: Any type of flats

Feeling: Hapee (+1 if you know the reference :)

Single or Taken: Single
Eating: nope
Listening to: My grandpa talking to my brother
Thinking about: Summerrrr! (and girls camp because I leave on Monday!!!! :)
Watching: myself type
Wearing: soccer shorts and a tennis tee shirt

Want Children: Maybe
Want to be married: Maybe
Careers in mind: Graphic Artist, Web Designer, National Geographic Photographer
Where do you want to live: New York

Do you believe in:
God: Yes
Miracles: Yes
Love at first sight: No
Ghosts: No
Aliens: No
Soul Mates: No
Heaven: Yes
Hell: Yes
Kissing on the first date: No
Yourself: YES!!!

Hope you guys enjoyed this. I tag ALL of you so leave me a link down below if you do this tag. Thanks again for 7k page views!

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