Thursday, May 8, 2014

Play tryouts, biology practicals, and summer plans

Hi guys
Recently my life has been pretty hectic. I tried out for the play to my school doing yesterday and I guess you could say it went well. We are doing The King and I and I heard it's really funny so I'm excited.  Has anybody seen the movie? If so let me know the details down below, because I haven't ever heard of it.  It was he first time I've done so I can't really compare it to any other past experiences. I'm still waiting to see if I got a part and I should find out on Monday.  

I had a practical exam in biology today. It consisted of looking at disgusting bugs and analyzing weird looking leaves so it was definitely interesting. I think I did well though, all factors considered. 

I can't believe that summer is literally only weeks away. It seems like yesterday it was January. I'm still deciding what to do for my and the school year party. Comment down below some ideas I am so clueless. I was thinking about doing a movie night, but that's what we do every time my friends come over and I kind want to do something different. My mom suggested arts and crafts but I have a feeling that that's probably not the wisest idea considering how immature my friend group is. Well I have to get going I have some studying to do. Talk to you later!

<3/ Audrey

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