Friday, April 11, 2014

Long Time No See, Spring Break, and Horrid Math Homework (ADD #35)

Hi Guys!
So long time no see, I apologize for not having any daily drama's up to humor you guys but I do have a rather valid excuse. This past week was spring break and my family went out of town somewhere where I didn't have internet. I "pre-wrote" some posts so that I wouldn't totally leave you hanging for an entire week. Do you enjoy seeing those kind of posts? Let me know down below. Anyways, spring break was super fun. My family went and stayed at our cabin in the woods and the time away from everything was heavenly.

Funny Awkward Experience (FAE): So we went to the pool on Tuesday evening and I ran into the guy that I kinda sorta like. It was SOOOOO awkward, especially considering that we weren't even at a local pool! What would you guys have done in a situation like this. I tried to avoid any more awkwardness so I ran into a pole. Yes, he laughed. Yes, his mother saw me too and she laughed. How can I ever show my face again!!!!!! Help?

On a happier note, I went on a bike ride with Jackie, Jane, and Cassi on Tuesday and that was so fun. We got frozen yogurt but Jane didn't realize that you pay by the ounce and she ended up paying a fortune. <3 Luv ya Jane! My brother and I went to the planetarium on Wednesday and had a blast! They have this cloud making machine and I literally played with it for an hour. :)

Yesterday, my mother and I went thrifting and I got so much stuff and drumroll, I'm working on doing my very first haul. Would it interest you guys in seeing that? I'll probably have it up in the next couple weeks or so. I am so freakishly excited for tomorrow. I am going to an amusement park with: Jackie, Jane, Clara, Cassi, and Juliet. We'll probobly end up tweeting quite a bit while we are in lines so watch out for that! (my twitter is @audreyryanblog)

I have to go work on my math homework. My teacher gave us FOURTEEN pages of homework over the break and being the person I am, I have procrastinated. I am about two thirds of the way done and it's due on Tuesday so I guess that I didn't put it off too badly. I better get going so that I don't drown myself in homework on Monday night. See ya!

<3/ Audrey

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