Sunday, December 22, 2013

NYC Nail Polish Review

Hi Guys!
Since I got such great feedback from my last nail polish review, I thought that it would be awesome to do another one. A few days ago, I picked up three polishes from the NYC Long Wearing Nail Enamel line. I got the shades Midtown MImosa, Empire State Blue, and Wine Bar. Trust me, the photos down below do not do justice as to how truly bad these nail polishes are. I am disappointed with this brand although what can I say. They were only a dollar. The photos down below must have been taken after three or four layers and a topcoat.

As far as staying power, I am not impressed. I have Empire State Blue on my toes and wine bar on my fingers and they both need to be redone badly. Without a topcoat, they chip after only a day of wear. Although, depending on the topcoat, staying power can vary. 

These polishes are as translucent as it gets at the drugstore. I had tto use three coats for Empirre State Blue, four coats for Wine Bar, and Seven Coats for Midtown Mimosa which used a crazy amount of polish. I wish that these colors were more opaque but they just aren't and to show up well, that many coats is nessesarry. 

I hope that you found this review helpful!
<3/ Audrey

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