Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dear Audrey #2

Dear Audrey,
I read your post on the meaning of life and it really struck home to me. Lately, I have been trying to live life to it's fullest. The more that I do this, the harder I realize that it is. Does this even make any sense? Anyways, I just wish that I could be of greater use to the world. How would I do that? Help Me!
The Impact Girl

Dear The Impact Girl,
I get this question a lot. How do I make myself noticed? How do I stand out in a crowd? How do I become of significance to the world? The answer is simple. Be Yourself. I know that this may sound a little cliche at first (man do I love that word!) but as I have thought about it more and more, I am beginning to realize that it is absolutely true. You just need to hold your head up high and stick to what you believe in and not be afraid to show the world what they're missing out on by socially rejecting you. Hope this helped!


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