Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Audrey's Daily Drama #11: Wednesday 6/12/2013

Hi Guys!
Right now I am in a journalism class at my local library. We are supposed to be writing an expertise article on what we learned today but I literally have no inspiration. But hey! Fantastic time to write a blog post! People are starting to stare at me because I tend to look really weird when I am in deep thought. Oh well. I don't know anybody here anyways except for my friend Emilee (love doctor consultation #1) who understands my weirdness entirely.

If you haven't already seen it, I just barely uploaded a new book review yesterday. I reviewed
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone so go check it out. I will try and be more consistent with my book reviews but it is really hard to find an awesome book to read these days.

I also just launched a new page. I am calling it Dear Audrey and it is basically my advice column so send me an email telling me how weird I am, asking me for advice, or just any random stuff you want to send me so I can put it on this page. There is also a column on the side showing my most recent one so check that out too.

I also should have mentioned that I totally changed the look of this website around. I personally like it a lot better than how it was before but I need some feedback. If you could let me know your opinion or something that would be fantastic. We are about to leave Journalism now so I better go.

~Audrey <3

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